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Arithmancy Homework - Heart Number

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Arithmancy Homework - Heart Number

Post  Different-Dance on Tue May 26, 2009 12:04 am

The second number you can calculate for someone is their "Heart Number". This represents the individual's inner life and can indicate desires and fears hidden from others. You calculate it as we did above, but using only the vowels contained in their name. Hermione's Heart Number is 4:

5 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 31
3 + 1 = 4
The final number you can calculate for someone is their "Social Number" and is calculated using only the consonants of the name. The Social Number represents the outer personality, the face an individual shows to the outside world. Hermione's Social Number is 9:

8 + 9 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 5 + 7 + 9 = 63
6 + 3 = 9
While this sort of thing looks like fun for someone as studious as Hermione, that math's a lot of work for most people, so I have created a program to calculate the numbers for us. You can access the Arithmancy Calculator here.

Now, we can do something with the numbers. When people are involved, each number also corresponds to a kind of person or personality. I Have The Table Of What Each Number Means, It Is As Follows:

1 This is the number of the individual, the solitary unit. Ones are independent, focused, and determined. They set a goal and stick to it. They are leaders and inventors. Ones find it difficult to work with others and don't like to take orders. They can be self-centered, egotistical, and domineering. They are often loners.

2 Two represents interaction, two-way communication, cooperation, and balance. Twos are imaginative, creative, and sweet natured. Peace, harmony, commitment, loyalty, and fairness are characteristic. But two also introduces the idea of conflict, opposing forces, and the contrasting sides of things: night and day, good and evil. Twos can be withdrawn, moody, self-conscious and indecisive.

3 Three represents the idea of completeness or wholeness, as in the threesomes past-present-future and mind-body-spirit. Three indicates talent, energy, an artistic nature, humor, and social ease. Threes are often lucky, easygoing, and highly successful, but they can also be unfocused, easily offended, and superficial.

4 Like a table that rests solidly on four legs, four indicates stability and firmness. Fours enjoy hard work. They are practical, reliable and down to earth; they prefer logic and reason to flights of fancy. They are good at organization and getting things done. Like the cycle of the four seasons, they are also predictable. They can be stubborn, suspicious, overly practical and prone to angry outbursts. The conflicts possible in "two" are doubled in four.

5 Five is the number of instability and imbalance, indicating change and uncertainty. Fives are drawn to many things at once but commit to none. They are adventurous, energetic and willing to take risks. They enjoy travel and meeting new people but may not stay in one place very long. Fives can be conceited, irresponsible, quick-tempered and impatient.

6 Six represents harmony, friendship, and family life. Sixes are loyal, reliable, and loving. They adapt easily. They do well in teaching and the arts, but are often unsuccessful in business. They are sometimes prone to gossip and complacency.

7 Perceptive, understanding, and bright, sevens enjoy hard work and challenges. They are often serious, scholarly, and interested in all things mysterious. Originality and imagination are more important than money and material possessions. Sevens can also be pessimistic, sarcastic, and insecure.

8 Eight indicates the possibility of great success in business, finance, and politics. Eights are practical, ambitious, committed, and hard working. They can also be jealous, greedy, domineering, and power-hungry. Eight is said to be the most unpredictable of numbers and can indicate the pinnacle of success or the depths of failure; the potential to go either way is present from the beginning.

9 Represents completion and achievement to the fullest degree (as it is the complete number, three, expressed three times). Nines dedicate themselves to service, often as teachers, scientists, and humanitarians. Strongly determined, they work tirelessly and are an inspiration to others. However, they can also be arrogant and conceited when things don't go their way.

I Would Like Their Heart And Social Numbers... 5 Extra Points If You Can Do Tom Riddle's Character,Heart And Social And Professor Flitwick's Character,Heart And Social

1. Harry Potter
2.Hermione Granger
3. Bathilda Bagshot
4. Katie Bell
5. Mandy Brocklehurst
6. Millicent Bulstrode
7. Emeric The Evil
8. Justin Finch-Fletchley
9. Hengist Of Woodcroft
10. Vindictus Viridian

This Homework Is To Be Submitted By My Descression, Of Course, You Will Be Informed 45 Minutes Before Due Date..


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