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Auror Information

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Auror Information

Post  Lil Wayne on Tue May 12, 2009 9:13 pm

Auror List:

Head Auror: Lil-Wayne!.!
Assistant Head Auror: [Vacant]

[Vacant] Jr. Auror
[Vacant] Jr. Auror
[Vacant] Jr. Auror

Auror Information:

All Aurors will be accepted on Trial Basis only. 5 days after you are hired, you shall take your AAT (may not all be in one day) Only if I and my assistant think you are good for the postion. There will be 3 groups of Aurors, Groups A, B, and C who are paired together while being Aurors, more information below.

Auror Pairs:

There Will be groups A, B, and C. Group A will patrol castle for a two week peroid, Group B will patrol London and Hogwarts for a Two week peroid, All aurors are asked to not use Dark magic only if they really need too they are aloud. You will be sorted into groups from how well you rp and your score on the AAT. There will be three aurors in one group Including Jr. Aurors.


You will be tested in 2 stages

Stage 1: You will duel me or my assistant (friend Request Lil-Wayne!.! and my assistants name in which I will post soon) at least 3 times. Everytime will be different from the last time, you will be given very little time to study (will be done on 1st or second day of trial)

Stage 2: You will be asked questions about Creatures, Ic Laws, Spells, and potions.

Auror Requirements:

- You must be a member of ]H[ for at least 2 weeks
- You must be able to RP well
- You must have reached at least 3rd year
- You must have a good knowledge of Spells, Potions,Creatures and IC laws
- You are online everyday (or excused days) to patrol school
If you do not follow ALL of these you will not be accepted.

Lil Wayne

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